Laser Capture paper

Jennings et al., Cell Stem Cell 2017

Laser Capture and Deep Sequencing Reveals the Transcriptomic Programmes Regulating the Onset of Pancreas and Liver Differentiation in Human Embryos

Expression atlas

RNA-seq data from 15 embryonic tissues

Gerrard, Berry et al., 2016. eLife

We have generated whole genome expression data (RNA-seq) from 15 tissues sampled during human embryogenesis. For most tissues, it is the earliest known measurement and considerably earlier than the fetal tissues of the NIH Roadmap project.

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Pancreas development review

Jennings et al., Development 2015 (special issue on Human Development)

A wealth of data and comprehensive reviews exist on pancreas development in mammals, primarily mice, and other vertebrates. By contrast, human pancreatic development has been less comprehensively reviewed. Here, we draw together those studies conducted directly in human embryonic and fetal tissue to provide an overview of ...


Basic resarch into human embryonic development.

For information about the project, contact Prof. Neil Hanley. For information or help accessing the data contact Dr. Dave Gerrard.

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